Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council
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Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council

Veterinary experts around the world and leading animal protection groups have denounced horse slaughter as inhumane.

— Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council

We believe if the public were informed, they would support an end to the inhumane treatment of these incredible animals, that have done so much for mankind.

The general public is sadly ignorant of the fact that horses are slaughtered for human consumption, and is certainly not aware of the suffering they endure.

Horse Slaughter is Canada’s Dirty Secret!

Education is key because once the percentage of knowledge reaches the tipping point, our politicians will have no choice but to listen and act.

I did everything I could to protect Sargon, but it wasn’t enough. Kim Wilson - Owner of Sargon, who was stolen and unlawfully slaughtered

With public support we can create humane options for all horses in British Columbia, Canada, stop the irresponsible breeding and shipping to slaughter, and bring back value to the horse.

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