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Horse Slaughter Truths

Saving just one horse will not change the world. But surely it will change the world for that one horse.

— Horse Slaughter Truths

Canada slaughters tens of thousands of horses annually for human consumption, and exports live horses to be slaughtered in Japan.  Horses suffer horrible cruelty, and their meat is tainted with veterinary drugs that are illegal in all other food animals. These are horses raised to trust people, as companions and working animals. Once discarded to slaughter, all regard for their treatment ends.

From beginning to end, the horse slaughter industry is a black mark on Canada. Alex Atamanenko, British Columbia Member of Parliament (Retired)

Slaughter has led to over breeding and created a crisis in the horse industry.  A glut of surplus horses has devalued these intelligent and loyal animals to a disposable commodity. Those who profit are fighting to maintain slaughter, at great cost to horses and their owners. Slaughter does not discriminate and no horse is safe.

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