Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | Woman’s Horses Sold & Slaughtered
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Woman’s Horses Sold & Slaughtered

Woman’s Horses Sold & Slaughtered

The death of Kathy O’Reilly-Taylor’s neighbour was just the beginning of the heartache.

The neighbour had been a helpful friend over the past four years by allowing O’Reilly-Taylor to board her two beloved horses, Cocoa and Bella, on her acreage in southern Alberta. But when the woman died and the bank moved to foreclose on her property, O’Reilly-Taylor had no idea that the fate of her beloved horses, which she’d owned for over 20 years, had already been sealed.

She says she was told she had until the end of April to move the animals, but when her daughter showed up to move them on Saturday, Apr. 28, she was met with a nasty surprise.

They were family, my kids grew up with them. - Kathy O’Reilly-Taylor

 They weren’t there,” O’Reilly-Taylor told CTV Lethbridge.

She soon learned that not only had the horses been sold, they’d also been slaughtered.

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