Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | OUR 2018 TIMELINE – via GoFundMe
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OUR 2018 TIMELINE – via GoFundMe

OUR 2018 TIMELINE – via GoFundMe

We mentioned a few times that a lot of good things have been happening, so we have compiled a brief timeline glance for 2018 of all the comings and goings at SCCR. Your support and contributions are helping to make this all possible! So here it goes… ready?


January 2018

  • SCCR takes in 3 new beauties – Mac, a stallion, and Indie & Sydney (both of which were pregnant at the time!). So grateful for Belinda Lyall of BC Horse Angels for her leadership and dedication to make sure these beauties got out of the slaughter pipeline.
  • Cohen, one of the “Pemberton Boys”, is adopted by Southlands Riding Club.


February 2018

  • Danny, one of the rescues from the Pemberton Herd, is adopted by one of our very own volunteers, Sibylle, who had been working with Danny over the previous 8 months –clearly a special connection was made!
  • SCCR takes in 8 rescues from a round up in BC interior and given a safe home and names! –  Pali, Caden, Maddie, Sweets, Dreamer, Avalon, Sully and Quinn are also known lovingly as the ‘Westside Wildies’.


April 2018

  • Nothing like having two beautiful fillies born at SCCR to welcome in the Spring. Sydney and Indie give birth to two adorable fillies – moms and babes both healthy.
  • Squamish Bottle Depot accepts bottle returns as donations to SCCR – every little bit counts! Thanks to Squamish Cleaning Company and Tammy James, who are integral to this fundraising initiative.
  • Our sweet Denver, one of the Pemberton Boys from 2017 rescue, is adopted to a loving home in Aldergrove, BC!


May 2018

  • Dawson, the last of the Pemberton boys, is adopted by another of our great volunteers and finds his home here at Cheekye Ranch!
  • When we got word from Hooves ‘N Hounds, a rescue effort in Manitoba, about donkeys up for auction with kill pen buyers eyeing them up, SCCR didn’t hesitate and agreed to buy 6 of the donkeys to save them from their slaughter fate. We are so touched to have the incredible support of Harm Oostindie and Bert Williams who took on the adventure to go get the “Manitoba boys”  and bring them home to SCCR.
  • The ‘Manitoba boys’ get foot care and vet care (gelding for all) and a good cleaning up! (they were filthy and tick invested).


June 2018

  • Mac, Indie & Sydney, rescues from January leave SCCR along with their babies to their forever home! One big happy family!


July 2018

  • SCCR takes in 9 mares from a Pemberton feral herd and one of the rescues (Maverick) gives birth to baby Felix less than 12 hours after arriving at SCCR! Phew.. just in time!
  • Honey, also one of the recent Pemberton Mare rescues, gives birth to a filly, just as the final preparations and pre-fundraiser chaos is happening. Never a dull moment around here. Mom and babe (Bee) are doing great!
  • 2nd Annual Hooves & Hearts Fundraiser – beautiful sunny day with great music, food, pony rides and amazing silent auction items – so grateful for the community support – thank you to all that came out and helped us make sure we can keep providing a safe place for horses (and donkeys).
  • Our beautiful 3 year old Snapper moves on to a forever home. Snapper was the filly of Allie, one of three rescues back in Fall of 2015 that was the spark for Kris and supporters to create SCCR. • Casey, pregnant and still nursing her eight month old baby Finnigan when she was rescued by SCCR back in 2016, is adopted along with Sweets (one of the recent Westside Wildies rescues) to a wonderful home in Pemberton.
  • Gunner, rescued from the meat buyers in 2017, was adopted to a family in the Lower Mainland.
  • Dreamer, part of the Westside Wildies rescues, also found a forever home in the Lower Mainland.
  • Wally, one of the 6 ‘Manitoba Boys’ rescued in May, is adopted to a home in Fraser Valley.


August 2018

  • 2 more rescues join the SCCR community, Izzy and Pip, both were intercepted before they could enter the ‘round up – kill pen auction – slaughter’ cycle.
  • Kris Latham is nominated for Horse Canada’s HERO’S OF THE HORSE CONTEST!!


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