Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | What’s New for 2019!
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What’s New for 2019!

What’s New for 2019!

Wondering what is in store for SCCR for 2019? Well, let us tell you! There is never a lack of inspiration to guide our efforts at SCCR that is for sure.


But before we venture into 2019 wishes and goals, it is worth reflecting on our 2018 year to help us appreciate all the work done!


So, highlights for SCCR were:

  • The incredible support for Kris’s nomination (in addition to the nomination itself!) for the Heros of Horses award which landed her the national honour! Thank you everyone for believing in Kris and what her and her supporters have accomplished at SCCR in just two years!
  • Mission Impossible Rescue- 5 donkeys and 1 mini mule rescued from the kill pens in Manitoba. The call for immediate action and SCCR stepped up and stepped in with the help of dedicated supporters. Always with the help of supporters! That’s what makes the impossible so possible!
  • Embracing and making space for the Pemberton Mares so the herd can have a protected space to flourish. It’s not easy taking in so many unhandled horses, the costs to keep them healthy and fed, and the infrastructure developed to make the space all add up. Yet, it is a pro-active step that was so necessary to keep these girls (and their babies!) from the eventual “round up to kill pen cycle”.
  • Happy news is always mixed with sadness around SCCR – we are so pleased that 11 of our rescues were adopted to loving homes in 2018, yet, we can’t help to feel the sadness that comes from caring so deeply for these horses. It’s part of the toughness and dedication that we pride ourselves on… we have big hearts around here but also a big mission that keeps driving us.

So speaking of our mission and drive, now onto some of our 2019 wish list.

  • We expanded from 21 horses in 2017 to 38 horses last year, so this year moving forward, we are focusing on our current rescues – getting some ready for adoption through socializing/training and getting the word out for those ready to adopt. Please help us spread the news!
  • We know horses are awesome and provide us humans with so many amazing benefits socially, emotionally and physically. Being around horses, riding horses, caring for horses does wonders for our human souls. So, this year we will be developing partnerships with youth and adult services organizations to share the amazing therapeutic benefits of horses. It will be a win-win partnership, our rescues will get more socializing/training and the people in our communities will get healthy connections to horses and nature. Keep posted to hear about the programs that emerge!
  • And of course, the other main goal of SCCR for 2019 is to keep our doors open so we can keep taking care of and making space for the horses (and donkeys) that are at risk of entering the Canadian Horse Meat industry! So, mark your calendars (it’s not too late to get your SCCR 2019 Calendar!) for the 3rd annual SCCR Fundraiser on July 13th, 2019!


And as always, your donations, social media shares, support are forever appreciated and needed! Lets make one last push to reach our original fundraising goal.. we are so close!



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