Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | How You Can Help
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How You Can Help


Monetary donations of any amount help and are very much appreciated.

Choose whether you would like to make a reoccurring payment, or a one time only donation, and whether or not you would like a Tax Receipt. Second Chance Cheekye Ranch (SCCR) is a Charitable Organization, funded by hard working owners and generous donations of like minded equine lovers. We currently care for over 50 horses.

Donate Now Through!

What can your donation help to purchase for the horses’ care?

  • $5 – a bag of shavings for bedding (one horse requires up to 1 bag of bedding every week)
  • $10 to $15 – a small 65lb square bale of hay (one horse requires 1 bale of hay every 2 days)
  • $15 to $25 – a bag of feed (one senior horse requires 1 bag of feed every week)
  • $20 to $25 – de-wormer paste for one horse (required 2 times annually)
  • $60 – hoof trimming for one horse (needed every 8 weeks)
  • $85 – one 1000lb round bale of hay (one horse eats approximately 1 round bale in a month)
  • $75 – vaccinations for one horse (needed for new rescues and annually)
  • $175 – basic vet visit and check up for one horse (needed for all new rescues)
  • $250 – basic dental care (float) for one horse (needed for all new rescues)
  • $500 – emergency medical care (often needed for new rescues)
  • $1000 plus – special medical care (i.e. surgeries for gelding, health issues, etc.)

Non-financial donations are also welcome and appreciated. Items such as:

  • Feed (Lifeline Broodmare and Foal, STEP 8, Lifeline Senior pellets; Alfalfa cubes,Flax ; rice bran)
  • Supplements (vitamin and mineral supplements; probiotics: 100% vegetable oil and salt blocks)
  • Bedding (wood pellets)
  • Hay ( square bales; round bales) and hay nets
  • Buckets (rubber feed; water)
  • Blankets (all weights including rain sheets; all sizes)
  • Mucking forks (for paddock/stall mucking), corn brooms
  • Good used tack, Rope halters and leadlines.
  • Grooming brushes and supplies
  • First Aid Items (Vet Wrap; Bandages; anti-bacterial ointments; MTG)
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Have time on your hands? Love horses and want to make a difference in the lives of horses in need? Our team of volunteers is amazing and we are always on the lookout for great people to join.

We need people who are willing to commit and work hard. Fill out a volunteer application today for a rewarding experience working with these amazing people while making a difference in the lives of horses in need.



Spreading awareness is one of the most important ways to help stop end horse slaughter in Canada. By hosting school groups and open houses, offering tours and lessons through Cheekye Ranch’s Youth Horsemanship Program, and spreading awareness through various media outlets, we hope to educate as many people as we can in an effort to end horse slaughter forever in Canada and North America.

Follow us on facebook and instagram, See our latest videos on youtube, and check out our blog here. Every like, comment or share helps reach more people. We can make a difference for these defenceless horses.