Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | Casey
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When Casey first landed at SCCR, she came pregnant and with a beautiful bay paint colt in tow (Finnigan). Finnigan was adopted into a wonderful home in Pemberton. Shortly after coming to us, Casey gave birth to a healthy and spunky filly that looks identical to mom! Her name is Ruby May and she is still with us and available for adoption (click here for Ruby May’s profile). This spring Casey found a perfect home in Pemberton. At the time she was adopted, Casey had been haltered, saddled and was continuing to advance her groundwork and riding. Casey is a chestnut in color but has a striking silver mane and tail.

Adopted Summer 2018

Late July of 2018, we waved goodbye to Casey through bittersweet tears. Casey was adopted to an terrific home in Pemberton. We couldn't be happier, but miss her dearly. Casey went with Sweets, who was with us for 5 months. She was part of the Westside Round up and will be a lovely riding companion with Casey in her new home.


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