Second Chance Cheekye Ranch | The Donkeys
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The Donkeys

The Donkeys

Introducing the Manitoba Donkeys! On the 13th of May, after a long 2400km trip across 3 provinces, Bentley, Gino, Acorn, Elliot, Wally, and Luke the Mini made it to their new sanctuary at the ranch. Thanks to Harm Oostindie and Bert Williams who did the 4800km round trip to bring these beautiful souls to SCCR! Varying in age, they were tick infested, filthy, and underweight. Since arriving at SCCR, Wally and Elliot have been adopted and SCCR has an adoption pending on Gino. Bentley, Acorn and our Mighty Mini Luke will continue to enjoy spending time grazing and bonding with the horses, and winning over the hearts of volunteers.



Rescued May 2018 - Ready for Adoption

These "boys" were all studs when they arrived, but have since been gelded. After spending 3 weeks in quarantine they were vetted and have had their feet done. They are all in great health, and are patiently awaiting their new homes.




Ready For Adoption