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With the help of a passionate group of animal loving volunteers, SCCR aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses in need.
Thousands of horses were needlessly slaughtered in Canada in 2019. We aim to save as many as we can from that fate and help STOP the industry altogether.


About 80% to 90% of horses at auction end up purchased by meat buyers - weanlings, yearlings, pregnant mares, mares with foals, broke horses, wild horses, healthy horses, sick horses... We rescue these horses whenever possible, and nurse them back to health and facilitate a second chance.



As new rescues arrive they are mostly untouched by humans. Interacting and gaining the horses trust is our first goal. Our primary intention is to get halters on, so they can be handled safely and assessed by our veterinarian and farrier. Ongoing training continues with all horses, focusing towards solid ground work, and suiting them with a new forever home.



With strict vetting requirements and high standards of future care, we ensure each rescue is rehomed to a loving environment. We continue to follow our rescues in their new homes, providing support and guidance for the lifetime of that animal.



A Nanos Poll taken in June 2019 has found that over two thirds of Canadians are uncomfortable with or somewhat uncomfortable with the export of horse meat from Canada for human consumption. 69% said they would like to STOP horse slaughter in Canada. We are spreading awareness about horse slaughter in Canada through open houses, school tours, horsemanship clinics, and more.



Second Chance Cheekye Ranch has 20 or more horses in training all the time. Along with Kris Latham, a team of professional trainers volunteers their time to gentle and saddle these horses. Horses that have gone through SCCR’s Gentling Program have proven to be exceptionally willing, soft, and compliant. With the number of horses to be trained SCCR invites volunteers to enroll in the SCCR Gentling Program and join in the training process.



***SCCR is currently at capacity for volunteers and has a waiting list, please contact us if you wish to add your name.*** Volunteering at Second Chance Cheekye Ranch is rewarding and inspiring. SCCR depends on the many dedicated hours of our amazing volunteers. Volunteers must be at least 14 yrs old, hard-working, independent, and able to commit to a weekly shift. Horse experience is an asset but not necessary.

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Second Chance Cheekye Ranch (SCCR) was established in 2016 by Kris Latham. With the help of a passionate group of animal loving volunteers, SCCR aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses in need. Tens of thousands of horses are slaughtered in Canada each year and we aim to save as many as we can from that fate.

Most horses that are rescued by SCCR are untouched by humans and can be quite wild. Most do not know what a carrot tastes like, and often come to us with health issues. A great deal of time is spent interacting and gaining the horses trust. Our initial primary goal for these often scared and neglected animals, is to make them feel comfortable enough to get halters on so they can be groomed, have their health checked by our veterinarian, and feet assessed by our farrier.

We are proud of the progress that we have made with these otherwise forgotten animals. The reward of saving a life is immeasurable, but the costs are not. All feed, vet, farrier, medication, transport, and purchase costs of the horses are supported by donations and personal funds. It is a big undertaking both financially and logistically, but our devotion to horses, and our continued hopes that the current horrific slaughter regulations will change or cease someday altogether, fuel our resolve to do everything we can.

100% of every donation to SCCR directly benefits the horses and their care. Of course, there are many ways to help the fight to end horse slaughter in Canada. Visit the CANADIAN HORSE DEFENSE COALITION website to learn more.

Horse Statistics

Canadians Opposed to Horse Slaughter0

Horses Sold at Rural Auctions That Go To Slaughter0

Horses Imported From the US That Go To Slaughter0

To date, 108 animals have been rescued by SCCR.

  • 93 horses
  • 12 donkeys
  • 2 mini-mules
  • 1 mule
  • 6 horses born under our care
  • 58 horses and 10 donkeys re homed.

Adopting a horse is fulfilling, rewarding, and life changing. Horse rescues are an excellent place for you to find a special equine partner. Not too mention, you’ll be giving your adopted horse a second chance at life.



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Please no drop ins – Visits to SCCR by appointment only

60001 Squamish Valley Road

PO Box 1833 Stn Main

Squamish, BC V8B 0B3